Forget what the manufacturer’s dealership mechanic tells you and just ask yourself these questions…
  • Frustrated with the all the times you had to bring your new car to the dealership for repairs?
  • Has your new car been out of service too long?
  • Have you lost confidence in your new car because of the number of times you have to bring it in to get fixed?
  • Is your new car acting up again?
  • Getting the “run-around” at the dealership about what’s really wrong with your new car?
  • Are you sick of driving a “loaner” vehicle while the dealership is still trying to fix your new car?
  • Are you making payments on a new car that isn’t even working right?
  • Did you pay too much for a new car when it’s acted more like a used car because of all the problems you’ve had with it?
If you answered “yes,” contact us for a FREE case evaluation  in your LEMON Law case!
We provide FREE legal help to Illinois consumers with the LEMON Law!
You may be entitled to:
  • a refund;
  • a replacement vehicle; or
  • cash compensation
Don’t wait for the dealership to fix your vehicle again.  Contact us today.
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