Forget what the dealership mechanic tells you and just ask yourself these questions…

Frustrated with the all the times you had to bring your “new” vehicle to the dealership to repair your defective vehicle?

Has your “new” vehicle been out of service too many days?

Have you lost confidence in your vehicle because of the number of times you have to bring in your new car to get it “fixed?”

Is your “new” car acting up again?

Getting the “run-around” at the dealership about what’s really wrong with your new car?

Cashed in your “clunker” in the “cash for clunkers” program only to get a “lemon” new car that doesn’t work like it should?

Has your “certified” used car had too many problems where it should not have been “certified”?

Could more go wrong with the “new” car I just purchased?

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Consumer protection laws may help protect you in your purchase of a “lemon” car…but “lemon” laws do not just apply to cars…

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- A refund or replacement vehicle (or product)

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