How is my case evaluated?

Your case will always be personally evaluated, by an experienced ILLINOIS ATTORNEY, and not by an “associate,” a paralegal, or an out-of-state representative. You will always get a fair and complete assessment of your case (the good and bad facts about your case), how the law applies to your case, the possible outcomes of your case, and no-nonsense advice always from and by an experienced Illinois lemon law attorney who not only practices “lemon” law in Illinois, but also knows how to process your claim, how litigate your claim in Illinois courts if needed.

What do you need to a FREE evaluation my case?

Initially, all that is necessary are all your repair orders you received from repair facilities that have performed repairs to your vehicle. If you do not have your repair orders, a service history or warranty history may be obtained from the dealership you have brought your vehicle for repair. You can fax your repair orders and contact information for a free case review at (312) 962-8800.

Other helpful information (though not necessary for a evaluation of your case) include your current registration, your purchase documents, car rental receipts, towing receipts, and recalls you may have received in the mail regarding your vehicle. All documents and contact information received are kept with strict confidence not shared per our privacy policy.

What is a repair order?

A repair order (or “service order” or “work order”) is a document from the manufacturer’s authorized dealership or repair facility gives to you upon the completion of your repair visit. This may become “evidence” or “proof” of the manufacturer’s attempts and/or failure to repair the defect you have complained about. It should document your vehicle’s deficiencies, your complaints, the repairs performed, and state the date and time you left your vehicle for repair and the date you pick it up. Do not leave the facility without a copy of your repair order and make sure it accurately states your complaints and the amount of time it was at the dealership.

My vehicle was not bought “new.” Do lemon laws still apply to my case?

Possibly. Because each case is different, contact us today for a free case evaluation regarding your case.

Do I have rights if I leased my vehicle?

In one word - Absolutely! Contact us today for a free case evaluation regarding your case.

What are TSBs and recalls?

TSBs (“Technical Sservice Bulletin” or sometimes called “service bulletin”) is generally written communication from the manufacturer to the dealership to make aware of certain technical issues or customer complaints, and to inform the dealership technician to remedy or repair common problems and/or defects encountered with a specific vehicle. Generally, this information is not disclosed to the public though access to some of this information may be obtained through Keep in mind that some manufacturers voluntarily submit technical service bulletins, while some do not.

Similar to TSBs, recalls are generally communications between a manufacturer and its authorized dealership to perform preventative repairs or replacement of parts to a vehicle prior to the manifestation of a common problem and/or defect with a specific vehicle, some of which may be dangerous. While some recalls are mandatory and compulsive, others are not.

Contact us today to find out how TSBs and recalls may be used in your “lemon” law case.

Will a car manufacturer buy back my vehicle?

The answer to this question depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. Depending on the circumstances, some manufacturers may offer this relief, some will not and do not have to by law. Keep in mind that a “buy-back” may not even be desirable in your case and in your situation. Your goals in your case may be vastly different after learning information about your case after a discussion with us. Contact us today for a free case evaluation regarding your case.

GM and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy. Do I still have a case?

If you bought a new GM or Chrysler “lemon” vehicle, you may still be able to recover for your “lemon!” Contact us to find out how!